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Joan Carbonell

Innovation today is a must for every company. But to manage innovation is not an easy task: it requires to boost creativity, leverage uncertainty, motivate teams, fight skeptics and always be prepared to fail and get back up. Joan Carbonell helps companies of all sizes to generate ideas, turn them into growth initiatives, keep the entire team motivated and continuously adapt plans as results are achieved. Joan also guides professionals on their way to become passionate innovation leaders.

IT Innovation Pressures Grow for CIOs

More than half of business executives recently surveyed said the organization rates as “poor” or it is “just making progress” with innovation in IT. These days, virtually no corner of the enterprise remains untouched by IT. From customer-facing Websites and…

Apache Spark: 3 Promising Use-Cases

Spark 2015 Vision

Spark is the shiny new thing in big data, but how will it stand out? Here’s a look at “fog computing,” cloud computing, and streaming data-analysis scenarios. by James Kobielus To survive the competitive struggles, every fresh technological innovation must…

LinkedIn Mobile Stack

Recently released LinkedIn feature on the iPhone, Android, and mobile web platforms contains a step-by-step guided flow to the LinkedIn ecosystem for our new members. This onboarding experience removes the uncertainty of how to get started and effectively use our…